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Reliable Used Cleaning Equipment For Sale In The Mid-Atlantic Region

Is your company or institution on the hunt for reliable and properly restored used cleaning equipment? Then look no further than Hillyard Mid-Atlantic We know that proper cleaning equipment can cost many companies, an arm, and a leg. That is why we offer cleaning equipment restoration for those looking to buy gently used janitorial equipment to service their businesses, offices, or more. All ordered used cleaning equipment can be shipped by our Hillyard Mid-Atlantic trucks to the PA, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland areas. We are constantly updating our used equipment inventory, so make sure that you check back on this page to see the most updated used janitorial equipment that we have to offer. Call us today to get more information on our used cleaning equipment!

Expert Used Equipment Restoration & Delivery

At Hillyard Mid-Atlantic, we personally do the equipment restoration for all our used cleaning equipment. Our team of experienced equipment technicians makes sure that every piece of equipment is 100% restored to proper and safe operating condition, tested and ready to go. You can rest assured that our team has securely tested all cleaning equipment before putting it up for sale on our site or in our locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. Some of the equipment restoration we do most commonly are for used auto scrubbers, used pressure washers, used carpet extractors, used floor sweepers, used wet/dry vacuums, and other miscellaneous used cleaning machines. For those of you looking for replacement parts and service repairs for your cleaning equipment, we can help out with that as well.

Our equipment delivery process is easy, as well. If you live in the PA, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey areas, we can personally deliver your used janitorial equipment via our Hillyard Mid-Atlantic trucks. For those of you ordering equipment from farther away states, we can provide a common carrier to freight ship your equipment straight to your door. No matter how far away you are in the United States, Hillyard Mid-Atlantic can ensure that your used equipment arrives safely and in one piece. Contact us today to find out more about our equipment restoration process!

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Trustworthy Used Floor Scrubbers

One of the most common pieces of cleaning equipment we sell and restore is used automatic floor scrubbers. Auto floor scrubbers are a simple way to ensure that your office floors are as clean as possible. We restore floor scrubbers that are both walk behind and ride on. These are great cleaning solutions for those looking to clean larger areas. Floor scrubbers inject water mixed with cleaning solution onto the floor and gently massage and scrub the area to remove excess residue and dirt. Our used floor scrubbers are easy to use and work great on flooring types like marble, rubber, hardwood, granite, concrete, brick, and most types of hard surfaces. Order one of our used floor scrubbers today!

Efficient Used Carpet Extractors

We also offer used carpet extractors as part of our used janitorial equipment. Carpet extractors use water, pressure, and suction to clean deeply ingrained dirt and grime from your carpet. Used carpet extractors work on all types of carpet and upholstery. If you think your office might need a new carpet installed, you might want to try out a carpet extractor before you do. With the tenacity to remove the hardest caked-on dirt and stains, you will be shocked how a carpet extractor can make your carpet look brand new. Purchase one of our used carpet extractors today!

Capable Used Floor Sweepers

If you are looking for a fast and simple way to clean your office or business space, then a used floor sweeper might be just what you need. Floor sweepers are ideally used to easily sweep up dirt, dust, and other smaller items from the tops of tile, wood, and plastic flooring. A used floor sweeper is a great tool to have around an office for general cleaning and upkeep. Contact us today about ordering a used floor sweeper!

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As you can see, at Hillyard Mid-Atlantic, we take selling used cleaning equipment seriously. We provide only the best equipment restoration and delivery for our customers. If you are hoping to buy affordable, used janitorial equipment, we are the solution. Come back to this page and see our always updating collection of used janitorial equipment for sale. Or, call us directly to see when the cleaning equipment of your choice will be on the site. Don’t waste your time and money renting cleaning equipment that you use every week. Make the smart choice and buy used equipment from Hillyard Mid-Atlantic today!