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If you’re in need of cleaning parts for your commercial equipment, you’ve found the right place! Whether your machine is broken, breaking, or simply underperforming, we’ve partnered with the most trusted names in the industry to bring you the best cleaning parts on the market. At Hillyard Mid-Atlantic, we sell and service one of the largest selections of cleaning equipment supplies for all of the Mid-Atlantic region! 


From pressure washer replacement parts to industrial vacuum cleaning equipment supplies, we’re sure to have the item(s) you need. Call today to order yours or speak with an insightful representative!

We offer the following cleaning machine brands:

  • Nilfisk /Advance Machine Co.
  • Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Systems
  • Alto/Clarke/American Lincoln/ Kent
  • Karcher/Windsor/Tornado
  • Tennant/Nobles/Castex
  • Minuteman
  • NSS
  • Tomcat/Factory Cat
  • Nace Care
  • Viper
  • Eagle Power Products
  • Tomcat/Factorycat
  • Betco
  • U.S. Products
  • Thoro-Matic
  • Billy Goat
  • Powerflite
  • General Floor Machine
  • Hawk Machine
  • Host Carpet Machine
  • Pacific-Steamex Equipment
  • Kaivac
  • EDIC Extractors
  • CFR Equipment
  • Aztec
  • Pioneer Eclipse
  • Eagle Lpg Burnishers
  • Swiss Clean Burnishers
  • KEW Pressure Washers
  • Clarke/Delco Pressure Washers
  • Cam Spray Washers
  • Kawasaki Engines
  • Briggs&Stratton Engines
  • Kohler Engines
  • Onan Engines
  • Robins Engines
  • Mart Cart Battery Shopping Carts
  • Amigo Battery Shopping Carts
  • Eagle Battery Shopping Carts
  • Clean Master Equipment
  • Euroclean Vacuums
  • Eureka / Sanitaire Vacuums
  • Pro Team Back Pack Vac
  • Mastercraft Vacuums
  • Panasonic Vacuums
  • Hoover Commercial Vacuums
  • Lester Chargers
  • M.A.C. Chargers

How to Take Advantage of Our Cleaning Equipment Supplies

Receiving your cleaning equipment supplies is simple with Hillyard Mid-Atlantic! In just 3 easy steps, your cleaning machines can be up and running again in as little as 48 hours.

  • Fill and order your cleaning equipment supplies from Hillyard Mid-Atlantic
  • Schedule a temporary equipment rental to use while yours is being serviced if desired
  • We’ll arrive on-site with a repair van and service your machine immediately

Although not all breakdowns can be prevented, performing routine maintenance can help minimize issues and the need for emergency service. Schedule your regular repair and maintenance service with us! 

Brand-New Replacement Parts for DIY or Professional Repair

One of the benefits of ordering replacement parts through our team is your servicing options. While most other companies insist on you hiring their repair team along with their parts, we give you the option to install it yourself. Whether you feel comfortable repairing and installing your own cleaning equipment parts or would prefer our team of trained technicians to perform it on-site within 48 hours, Hillyard Mid-Atlantic is here to serve you!

Why Order Your Cleaning Parts from Hillyard Mid-Atlantic?

When finding a place to order cleaning equipment parts from, you want a company that you can trust. Especially when working with a team you initially find online, how can you be sure you’re getting a reputable service and replacement part? At Hillyard Mid-Atlantic, we not only represent the highest-quality cleaning equipment parts, but we have the track record to prove it! When partnering with our team for your cleaning machine parts and repair, you can always expect:

  • Rated reputable, 5-star service
  • Over 100 years in business
  • Typical turnaround within 24-48 hours
  • On-site Replacement part service
  • Eco-friendly replacement parts and machines
  • Temporary commercial cleaning equipment rentals available 
  • Cleaning equipment parts for DIY or professional installation

To order a cleaning part from Hillyard Mid-Atlantic, simply give us a call! Our team is standing by and happy to pair you with the perfect part, service, and rental you need.