The Best Commercial Floor Cleaner Rentals in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Looking for quality floor cleaner rentals? Then look no further than Hillyard Mid-Atlantic! We have a wide selection of both new and used industrial floor sweepers available, as well as all the parts and accessories you may need to get it up and running correctly. Whether you are just getting started in the commercial cleaning industry or you’re a seasoned pro, we have the floor sweeper machines that you need to get your building clean. Contact us today to learn more about the floor sweeper rentals we have available for our clients to rent!

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Take Your Pick of a Top-Rated Floor Sweeper Machine from Hillyard Mid-Atlantic

Our floor sweeper machines are easy to use and perfect for any sized job. With various rotating brushes, our floor cleaner rentals can pick up debris and grime quickly and easily. The pan is also removable for quick and convenient disposal. Our walk-behind floor sweeper machines have a low-profile design so that they can access spaces below furniture easily. All our commercial floor sweepers can be used on all types of flooring, like linoleum and hardwood. When it comes to keeping your industrial and commercial spaces clean, renting a floor cleaner rental from Hillyard Mid-Atlantic is the perfect solution. Call today to get a quote on renting any of our floor sweeper machines this weekend!

Clean Your Space Easily With Our Industrial Floor Sweepers

Whether you’re looking for an industrial floor sweeper or to purchase a used one, Hillyard Mid-Atlantic can help you select the perfect piece of equipment for your needs. Our commercial floor cleaner rentals come with onboard battery chargers, traction assistance, powerful filter shakes, adjustable broom height, and extremely quiet operation. These features can be great for speeding up your sweeping process or just cleaning the edges more efficiently. Our industrial floor sweepers are ideal to use for office buildings, universities, hotels, gyms, hospitals, train stations, airports, and more. Some of our floor sweeper machines can even enhance air quality with strong polyester panel filters or optional heap filters that can help catch more dust particles. If you need to rent our industrial floor sweepers for this weekend or week, fill out an online form to get in touch today!

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If you’re looking for floor cleaner rentals, Hillyard Mid-Atlantic should be your first call. We provide reliable and detail-oriented services for all our floor sweeper machines, so you won’t have to worry about your machines ever not working properly. Instead of buying expensive industrial floor sweepers, save money and time by renting one of our floor scrubbers instead. Call 1-877-369-1408 today to rent your commercial floor cleaner rental for this weekend! We look forward to making cleaning easier for you!