Comprehensive Cleaning Equipment Maintenance Plans 

In the same way, you schedule regular inspections for your vehicles; you should also be scheduling regular inspections for your commercial cleaning machines! 

Hillyard Mid-Atlantic is proud to be the largest service center in the country for Hillyard products. In fact, at our Lancaster County location, it’s the factor we focus on! Niching down to cleaning equipment maintenance and scheduled repairs helps give our customers the best experience and value. Whether you need a simple scheduled inspection or a replacement part installed, our large selection of fleet trucks and certified team members can have your janitorial equipment back to you in as little as 48 hours. 

Learn more about our cleaning equipment maintenance, technicians, or service area by contacting us today! 

Scheduled Janitorial Equipment Service & Checklists 

It’s no secret that it costs much more to clean a dirty facility than it does to maintain a clean one – and regularly scheduled cleaning equipment maintenance is the best way to ensure your machines are working at their best all year round. At Hillyard Mid-Atlantic, we’ve been offering those in the Mid-Atlantic region top-rated janitorial equipment services for decades. 

Some of the reasons customers appreciate our planned maintenance program is because: 

  • Costs less than emergency repairs
  • Designed to catch potential problems before equipment becomes inoperable 
  • Eliminates expensive downtime 

No matter the type of janitorial equipment service you need, we’re confident we can handle the job in a timely and efficient manner. Get your equipment on a regular service schedule – call our team today! 

Year-Round Pressure Washer Maintenance in Lancaster, PA

Did you know: commercial pressure washers are one of the first cleaning machines to break? For this reason and more, we are proud to have a division-specific for pressure washer maintenance. Hillyard Mid-Atlantic has a team of factory-trained technicians that will evaluate, assess, and repair what is needed. 

Learn more about where to buy, rent, or maintain commercial pressure washers when you visit our website. 

Trained Technicians for Auto Scrubber Maintenance 

When you trust our team for auto scrubber maintenance (or any equipment maintenance for that matter), you trust a team that responds quickly, performs accurately, and delivers affordably. We’re proud to serve the entire Mid-Atlantic region, including PA, DE, MD, NJ, and surrounding areas. 

As a busy company, we know your time is money – that’s why our pressure washer maintenance, auto scrubber maintenance, and commercial cleaning equipment maintenance are designed to be a time-efficient solution for keeping your company running smoothly. Get more information on our equipment service repair specialties here. 

Sign Up for Our Cleaning Equipment Maintenance Programs Today!

Here is what to expect when counting on our company to complete a thorough equipment maintenance checklist: 

  1. Our professional, factory-trained technicians will evaluate and assess the current condition of your equipment.
  2. For inoperable or unsafe janitorial equipment, the technicians will provide an estimate for repair.
  3. The technician will then help you determine the right frequency for programmed janitorial equipment services (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually). 


Hillyard Mid-Atlantic’s pressure washer, auto scrubber, and other programmed maintenance deliver peak performance, so your machines are operating at their best all year long. Ask about our quantity discounts for programmed cleaning equipment maintenance on multiple machines when you fill out an online form today!