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Rental Cleaning Equipment in Lancaster PA

Our company provides many advanced cleaning devices to commercial businesses, such as auto scrubbers, sweepers, and buffers. Each year, locals in Lancaster contact us whenever they need industrial cleaning equipment because our staff is friendly and our machines are efficient and reliable.

Auto Scrubber Rentals

Although a mop is a great cleaning tool, it leaves the floor quite wet. In busy business locations, a wet floor can be a serious safety hazard. An auto scrubber is a better solution since it leaves the floor safe and dry. In addition, an auto scrubber cleans a floor more resourceful because a powerful motor applies pressure remove dirty from severely soiled surfaces. A mop is less efficient since it typically moves dirty water across the floor.

Pressure Washer Rentals

Our pressure washing machines refresh and rejuvenate dirty surfaces in high traffic areas. Businesses owners also use our equipment before they restore their damaged surfaces. In this situation, pressure washing is critical because cleaning ensures a proper adhesion.

Our Lancaster pressure washers blast a water and liquid solution, which removes dirt from cracks and crevices. They provide 15,000 PSI and 80 gallons of water every minute. Because our devices are so powerful, they can eliminate heavy fungus and algae growth.

Buffer Rentals

Retail managers rent our machines to wash, shampoo, and dry their floors. When employees complete the cleaning process, their floors appear brighter and newer. Managers appreciate that our equipment increases productivity as well. When businesses do not rent our devices, employees must spend hours cleaning the floors instead of minutes.

Our floor buffers have a tank that holds a neutral cleaner and pads that are used for mopping, scrubbing, and other cleaning tasks. The process of using one of our buffers is simple. The first step involves polishing and cleaning the floor with the pads; this procedure will give the floor a unique shine. Applying a finish is the next step; the finish will provide a protective layer. Removing any scratches is the final step. Once the floor is spotless, finish the cleaning process by buffing the floor.

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If you need to rent cleaning equipment Lancaster PA, contact us for additional information. We also offer other industrial cleaning equipment, such as industrial wet vacuums in Lancaster.