Rental Cleaning Equipment in Harrisburg PA

When you have some heavy-duty cleaning to take care of, you can’t rely on amateur cleaning equipment. In order to handle a big cleaning job, you need to use industrial cleaning equipment. This equipment can be pretty expensive to buy, and many people find it to be much more cost-effective to simply rent industrial cleaning equipment. When you want to rent cleaning equipment in Harrisburg PA, you will find the best rental cleaning in Harrisburg at Hillyard Mid-Atlantic.

Your One-Stop Shop for Harrisburg Rental Equipment

Here at Hillyard Mid-Atlantic, we take pride in providing our customers with every kind of industrial cleaning equipment that they need. No matter what kind of rental cleaning equipment for Harrisburg that you need, we will be able to provide you with what you want. We have a huge inventory of rental equipment in Harrisburg PA to meet our customers’ needs. Here is a look at some of the kinds of cleaning equipment we have for you to rent.

Carpet Extractors

Some of the most popular items that we rent are our carpet extractors in Harrisburg PA. Our extractors are perfect for cleaning every type of carpet. Unlike standard vacuum cleaners, our extractors clean down deep inside the carpet, breathing new life into your carpets and extending their lifespan.


Another popular kind of equipment we offer is our floor buffers. When you want to polish a hard surface in your building so that it shines, you need to use an industrial-strength buffer. Our industrial buffers allow you to quickly and efficiently polish any hard surface in your building.

Industrial Wet Vacuums

Lots of our customers come in to see us because they need industrial wet vacuums in Harrisburg. While there are smaller versions of wet vacuums, often they will not cut it. When you have a job that requires a heavy-duty wet vacuum, come in and see us at Hillyard Mid-Atlantic.

Power Washers

If you need to get an exterior surface clean in a hurry, there is no better tool available than a power washer. Our state-of-the-art power washing equipment will handle any size exterior cleaning job.

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When you need any type of rental cleaning equipment, come in to see us at Hillyard Mid-Atlantic. We have the best rental equipment in Harrisburg, and we provided the highest levels of customer service. We are your best friend whenever you need to rent cleaning equipment in Harrisburg PA.