York Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Cleaning Equipment in York PA

If you live in York, Pennsylvania, and are interested in purchasing top quality cleaning equipment, you should check out the selection at Hillyard Lancaster. We sell and rent a huge variety of excellent products. If your business needs new cleaning equipment to make it look pristine, Hillyard Lancaster can provide the tools that you need to make that happen. We are your top resource for industrial cleaning equipment in York. Our fleet of trucks can deliver the products you order very promptly, typically within 24 to 48 hours.

We also do repairs. Our expert, experienced service staff will come to your place of business and carefully inspect your malfunctioning product. If it's possible to repair, we will do so promptly. We will always do our utmost to repair your product on site. Over four fifths of our repairs are done at your business. We may need to temporarily take your product with us if it needs a particularly extensive repair. If it is unable to be fixed, we can provide an affordable replacement part for sale or rent.

Our company's selection of power washers in York PA is second to none. We feature both hot and cold pressure washers. You can choose between gas powered and electric powered varieties. Our power washers are heavy duty products capable of handling cleaning projects both large and small. If you have difficulty deciding which pressure washer is ideal for you, our staff is always eager to help you find what you need. We are the headquarters for power washers in Lancaster PA and York PA.

We sell hoses, fans brushes, pumps, electrical systems, and much more. Chances, are we have exactly what your business needs, no matter what industry you are in. Our inventory is stocked with trusted name brands such as Minuteman, Kawaski, and Kohler. With so many top notch items, it's no surprise that we have established a reputation as the best option for commercial cleaning equipment in York.

Contact Hillyard Lancaster as soon as possible to take advantage of their products and services. Whether you need industrial cleaning equipment in York or commercial cleaning equipment in York, no other company can offer you the selection, dependability and high quality customer service that we can.