Industrial Cleaning Equipment in Lancaster County

Our company offers the best power washers and commercial cleaning equipment for all of your cleaning purposes in Lancaster County. Our customer service is very efficient. We help customers choose equipment that suits their individual needs.

Benefits Of Using Our Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Many homeowners have wooden decks that look like they need re-staining. Others have decks that are so dull that they think replacement is the only option. However, a pressure washer can make a dull deck look new again. It successfully removes dirt, grime, and stains. A pressure washer also removes mold.

Roofs also gain mold over time. Replacing a roof is very pricey. Mold build-up that is not treated properly will cause major problems. In most cases, replacement is the only option. However, a pressure washer can prevent mold build-up on roofs; the water has no issues reaching high locations.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Products

The power washers in Lancaster PA homeowners use to keep their homes clean are sold and rented by Hillyard Mid-Atlantic. As an equipment dealer, virtually any homeowner can rent a pressure washer to do any exterior cleaning work required on their homes. We can also repair your broken pressure washer in a timely and affordable manner.

We rent both cold and hot water pressure washers. A hot water pressure washer is designed for more intense industrial applications. The ones available from Hillyard Mid-Atlantic are some of the best values on the market and allow consumers to keep their homes clean.

A lot of businesses use our commercial cleaning equipment in Lancaster. Our company offers green options to customers. This is a huge benefit because state, federal, and local governments do not allow the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. We offer the safest industrial cleaning equipment in Lancaster. Using the best equipment is important because the proper devices prevent the effects of indoor air pollution, mold, dust mites, and asthma. Our products are used by homeowners and various businesses, such as restaurants.

Why Use Our Cleaning Equipment Services?

We repair many kinds of cleaning equipment successfully for our customers. Maintenance and service repairs are important because dirt and mold will build-up on various surfaces if the cleaning equipment fails to operate. We give our customer options based on their needs. If you have their own equipment, but the equipment has issues, we can repair it. If you do not own equipment, you can rent or buy equipment from us.

For information about our products and services, contact our customer service department.