Harrisburg Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Cleaning Equipment in Harrisburg PA

Buy, Rent, or Repair Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Hillyard Lancaster is a full-service industrial equipment dealer. The provider of industrial cleaning equipment Harrisburg area businesses use on a regular basis, Hillyard Lancaster has serviced many different types of equipment for their customers and has been noted for providing outstanding service and equipment. The company has professional technicians available to ensure that their equipment is well-serviced and maintained - reducing the hassles on your end. Hillyard Lancaster is the company to use for all of your equipment needs. Call us for industrial cleaning equipment Hillyard Lancaster's speciality!

What Does Hillyard Lancaster Repair?

Hillyard Lancaster is able to provide service to a variety of different types of equipment. The company is able to arrive at your location to repair your equipment on site. They have enough equipment and parts on site to repair 80% of your equipment on site, and can loan out equipment when they aren't able to repair it on site. Hillyard Lancaster is able to repair the following types of equipment:

  • Battery-Powered Sweepers and Scrubbers
  • Burnishers
  • Industrial Vacuum Systems
  • Multi-pump Pressure Washer Systems
  • Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Power Washers

The power washers Harrisburg PA homeowners use to keep their homes clean are sold and rented by Hillyard Lancaster. As an equipment dealer, virtually any homeowner can rent a pressure washer to do any exterior cleaning work required on their homes. The company also can repair your broken pressure washer in a timely and affordable manner.

The company sells/rents both cold and hot water pressure washers. A hot water pressure washer is designed for more intense industrial applications. The ones available from Hillyard Lancaster are some of the best values on the market and allow consumers to keep their homes clean.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Hillyard Lancaster is able to rent out the commercial cleaning equipment Harrisburg homes and businesses need for their day-to-day operations. These include floor buffers, scrubbers, extractors, an air blaster, and any other cleaning equipment you need. This is especially helpful if your business a janitorial service and you are looking to expand your service offerings without having to buy equipment. Otherwise, you can purchase used or new cleaning equipment from the company as well.